Aerator rentals

- Do you have enough oxygen in your treatment plant?

- Does the activated sludge have a dark or black color?

- Are unpleasant smells spreading around the treatment plant?

- Do you have overflow indicators and do not want to pay penalties?

- Do you experience lower processing efficiency in winter?

- How is oxygen content during high summer temperatures?

- Are there any problems with wastewater treatment during plant’s renovation?

- Do the treatment technologies react badly to large quantities of sewage periodically brought in?

- Do loads and type of pollution change seasonally?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, renting aeration can be a great solution for your wastewater treatment plant. You can choose from the following:

Grupa KN Flotable Aerators - from 1.5 kW to 90 kW (4.0 - 260 kgO2 / hr.) - an excellent solution as an additional support for deep aeration. It provides a great freedom of choice of installation location with an option of easily changing the aerator into the most optimal location at the moment.

Grupa KN Submersible Aerators - set at the bottom of a tank, from 0.75 kW to 80kW (1.0 - 110kgO2 / hr.) - no fastening systems required, they work even at very low temperatures, low noise levels and no aerosols.

Grupa KN Stationary Aerators - from 1.5kW to 55kW (4.0 - 160kgO2 / hr.) - the most effective solution, recommended especially for longer rentals, when we want the aeration to be the most economical for our clients.

 The advantages of renting aeration systems:

- Reducing or liquidating penalties for environmental pollution.

- Any rental period (starting only with 7 days).

- No advance payment.

- VAT invoices issued monthly, reduce tax.

- Without emptying the activated sludge chamber for assembly.

- Devices ready for work right away.

 - Simple installation.


Please see Grupa KN 30kW Aqua Vulcan floating aerators at work:


Please see a submersible aerator at work:


Please see a low rpm aerator at work:


Please see a low rpm 22kW (55kgO2/h) aerator at work:

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